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3-2-1 Penguins

3-2-1 Penguins. is a kids cartoon that teaches kids about the Bible and helps them learn different Bible verses with Zidgel, Midgel, Fidgel and Kevin with the help of Michelle and Jason.

Available for streaming on YouTube and Pureflix.


Chris Quantum is your typical Middle School student — except if you take into account one of his best friends is a robot. Travel back to Bible times and get ready for the journey of a lifetime!

Stream on YouTube, Pureflix, and Amazon.

Veggie Tales

A beloved classic, Veggie Tales teaches Christian and Bible-based lessons with Bob the Tomato, Larry The Cucumber, and their friends. From silly songs to action adventure, Veggie Tales is sure to put a smile on your face!

Available for streaming on YouTube, Pureflix, and Netflix.

Storm & Luther’s Forbidden Letter

During the Reformation, a printer is caught printing a letter written by Martin Luther, an act which has been forbidden. After the letter goes missing, his son goes on a mission to help find it.

Available for streaming on Pureflix and for rent on Amazon.

Rocket Pack Jack and the Babylon Virus

While on a mission, secret agent Rocket Pack Jack, finds himself cornered and must enlist the help of rule-breaker, Truett, to stop the release of a computer virus that would corrupt all the world’s documents.

Available for streaming on Pureflix.

The Prince of Egypt

With an award-winning cast, “The Prince of Egypt” has earned it’s spot as a beloved classic. In the film, Egyptian Prince Moses learns of his identity as a Hebrew and his destiny to become the chosen deliverer of his people.

Currently available for rent on Amazon.

Grace Unplugged

Grace Trey (played by AJ Michalka) is a phenomenal singer. But at the tender age of eighteen, after she gets the music break of a lifetime and is thrust into the “real world” – her faith is put to the test.

Currently available for streaming on Amazon.

Beyond the Mask

The chief mercenary for the British East India Company, has made his way to the American Colonies. Working to redeem his name, he now races against time to defuse a plot that could have devastating effects. 

Currently available for streaming on Amazon.

God’s Not Dead

Student Josh Wheaton attends a philosophy class, where the professor requires all students to submit a signed statement staying “God is dead”. When Josh refuses, the professor challenges him to defend his position.

Available for streaming on Pureflix and Amazon.

Bethel Kids Music

Hillsong Kids Jr.

Go Fish


Jamie Grace


Royal Tailor

Jasmine Murray

Beckah Shae

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